GIT Master's Web Design

GIT Master's Web Design & Development

graphic information technology mockup


The Graphic Information Technology (GIT) Masters Website was redone in order to provide content to prospective students in a logical, pleasing, and informative matter. The GIT Website was also redesigned in order to follow Arizona State University’s web standards.


The audience of this website is both prospective GIT masters students as well as current GIT masters students.


The goal of the GIT Master’s Website was to attract new students to the GIT program as well as keep current students well informed.

Project Areas

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Implementation
  • Documentation

Web Design

Wireframes and Mockups were made using Axure RP, as requested by the client. Various GIT faculty members provided the web content and reviewed the design throughout the process.

Web Development

The GIT master’s website was developed in a WordPress sandbox environment utilizing the Divi theme. All pages were written in HTML and then chunked into the Divi Builder.


The site was then copied over and implemented onto ASU's live site by a university developer, whom I worked alongside.


After the site has been completed, each step was documented so that another student could update the GIT Master’s Website and other majors at Arizona State University Polytechnic could follow a similar process.

ASU Git Wireframes