Mel Wade's Web Design

Mel Wade Web Design & Development

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Mel Wade's Goal

Mel’s website was created to give Mel a tangible presence online that she could easily direct people towards in-person and online.

Mel Wade’s Audience

The audience of Mel’s site is current listeners, those who come to shows she plays, and people who search for new music online.

Mel Wade’s Goal

Mel’s primary goal was to use a more personal look, feel, and vibe in order to pull people in and bring them to shows.

Project Areas

  • Branding
  • Web design
  • Web Development
  • Implementation


Before any web work could be completed Mel Wade needed branding standards. This involved creating the vector of her signature as well establishing both color and typeface conventions.

Web Design

Mel’s website was designed by creating hand-drawn sketches, wireframes, and high fidelity mockups. In order to design with users in mind two personas were created by interviewing 30 of Mel’s current listeners. The wireframes and mockups were reviewed with Mel and corrected as requested.

Web Development

Mel’s website was developed using hand-coded HTML, hand-coded CSS, JavaScript, and PhP. The JavaScript was created for the music page in order to play songs without giving users access to the files. The PhP was used for the email newsletter form.


I uploaded all of the files to Mel Wade’s website, and after testing the PhP functionality the site was officially launched.

ASU Git Wireframes