Sisu Photography Web Design

Sisu Photography Web Design & Development

Sisu Photography website mockup


Sisu Photography was designed and launched in order to establish an online presence for Sisu Photography and enable people to view their photography on a responsive, minimalist website.


The audience of Sisu Photography is current customers/followers, as well as those who appreciate landscape and action photography.


The goal of the Sisu Photography website is to showcase their photography and lead to users following their social media in order to see more photographs.

Project Areas

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Social Media


Sisu photography already has a logo created from a previous designer. However, they had no brand standards so I created new versions of their logo, a standard web color scheme, as well as typeface conventions.

Social Media

After branding standards were established, social media accounts were created for Sisu Photography. After extensive research and meetings with the client, Sisu Photography’s Instagram and Facebook pages were launched.

Web Design

The design of Sisu Photography’s website involved creating wireframes and high-fidelity mockups. Both were created in Adobe XD and went through three rounds of reviews and corrections with the client.

Web Development

This site was developed through hand-coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The Bootstrap framework was used to create a seamless responsive experience. Once the site was developed, 10 current customers performed usability testing.

Sisu Wireframes